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Physical Therapists

ABL Health Care understands that maintaining one’s independence is priceless. Our licensed Physical Therapists have extensive experience in helping patients recover from injuries, surgeries and disease-related disabilities, assisting them in learning how to restore balance, movement and mobility so that they can return to enjoying the things they love in life.

Physical Therapy Services we offer include:

  • Physical Therapy Assistive Devices – therapists will fit and instruct patients in the use and care of assistive devices such as crutches, canes, walkers, wheelchairs, long-handled reachers, static/dynamic splints and power devices, to optimize their independence and ensure their safety.
  • Home Exercise Programs (HEP) – we will design a customized exercise regimen, provide training and assistance, as well as monitor and modify activities based on the patient’s progress, to restore strength, increase range of motion and improve coordination.
  • Balance/Coordination Training – restore the patients’ kinesthetic awareness to restore stability during sitting, standing, walking and moving. Therapy includes balance activities, sensory training, ambulation training with or without the use of an assistive device, therapeutic exercise and modalities as appropriate.
  • Rehabilitation Therapy for Post-Surgical/Accident/Fracture Patients – includes biomechanical evaluation and muscle strengthening/conditioning to restore function and prevent future injuries.
  • Orthotic Training – includes educating and training patients in the use of support or corrective devices such as splints and braces.

We also provide Occupational Therapy services as a supplement to Physical Therapy to assist patients in restoring function so that they can achieve independence in daily living.

For more information, call us at 650-918-6260 or email at info@ablhealthcare.com